Living the Dream

The world isn't always very Utopian. Art and products from the utopian collection aim to inspire you as you strive to live consciously, expressively, and with awareness of the simple beauty in everyday life .

All items are created by me,  artist Chelsae Biggs, and the work I create changes as life evolves. My favorite medium is paint.  I live life constantly thinking, "I want to paint that!"

My greatest muse is the ocean and I am very fascinated by the beauty and cycles of nature and how they are mirrored in the cycles of  our daily lives. I am also greatly inspired by connection andmy community. 

I also love making functional art through sewing and manipulating textiles. In my collection, I use remnant, repurposed and vintage supplies.  There is already so much stuff in the world, it is my goal to make beauty out of the scrap, discarded, and forgotten. 

My hope is that my art will inspire you to get out there and live your best life! We must hold onto the hope, connection and kindness in our complex world.