Everyone needs a crown!

Crown headbands are made with vintage trim sewn onto beautiful ribbons.  They dress up any day with a little flair and individuality.

Why tie? These crowns are super comfy and one size fits all! Tie under your hair like a headband, over your forehead as a hippie crown, around your favorite hat, or around your neck as a choker necklace.

Pro Tips: For the snuggest fit keep your crown forward of the top of your head. Double knot your bow for extra active adventures!



These totes were inspired into action by the 2016 election. Soon after the election I was traveling in Portland Oregon where I fell in love with all the protest stencil art.  I knew I needed to create my own. 

These designs are hand cut stencils and are hand applied to cotton totes that are USA made. I hope they inspire you into action!


Width 18”

Height 14.5”

Strap 25”



Life's a beach

Slouchy bohemian design.

The Life’s a Beach Design transitions perfectly from the city to the beach.  Choose between luxurious and chic to beach fun designs.  The slouchy design looks great if you are carrying a lot or a little and is perfect for stashing extra stuff you pick up on your daily adventures


Height 17"
Depth 19.5"
Long Strap 35",  Short Strap 22”


The Happy Messenger

Small yet spacious, this messenger bag boasts a simple design at an agreeable size.  The long strap makes the bag comfortable to wear cross body and sits right about at your hip.  It’s a manageable sidekick, holding your necessities with room for a little extra something. 


Width 13.5"

Depth 12.5"

Strap 48"

Interior pocket